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Splashtours Rotterdam

Splashtours offers a 'different-than-other' city tour of Rotterdam. A tour with this unique amphibious bus provides an unforgettable experience for young and old!

Adults € 29,50
Children 0 to 11 years € 19.50

Splashtours & Pancake Boat

Splashtours and the Pancake Boat: two unique experiences in one day! Step aboard after the Splashtour for a cruise along the skyline with unlimited pancakes.

Adults € 54,00
Children 3 to 11 years € 39.00

Splashtours & Euromast

A day in Rotterdam is not complete without a visit to the Euromast. See the city from land and on the water. Climb the mast and admire Rotterdam from a great height too!

Adults € 49,00
Children 4 to 11 years € 35.50

Splashtours & Lasergame

For the real fanatics! After the Splashtour, enter the laser game arena for an exciting battle laser game. Who will win the exciting battle?

Adults € 41,50
Children 6 to 11 years € 31.50

Splash Tours & Burger Menu

A burger is always good! Join us at The Boat Bar for a delicious 3-course burger menu. The perfect ending after the Splashtour!

Adults € 54,50
Children 3 to 11 years € 44.50

Splashtours & Lunch Board

Combine the Splash Tour with an extensive lunch tasting at The Boat Bar. The lunch board consists of various lunch dishes, something for everyone.

Adults € 49,00
Children 3 to 11 years € 39.00

Splashtours & Harbor Tour

Can't get enough of the water? Then combine the Splashtour with a 75-minute cruise through the ports of Rotterdam with live guide.

Adults € 45,00
Children 3 to 11 years € 29.50

Splashtours & ss Rotterdam

See two impressive vessels in one day? Combine your Splashtour with an audio tour aboard the ss Rotterdam and discover the mega-sized cruise ship!

Adults € 42,45
Children 4 to 11 years € 27.50

Splashtours & Miniworld

Combine the Splashtour with a visit to Miniworld. At Miniworld you step inside a miniature version of Rotterdam. Trains run all over the city and there is so much to see!

Adults € 44,20
Children 3 to 11 years € 30.00

Splashtours & Miniature Golf

Make your move and combine Splashtours with a game of miniature golf. Can you hit a ball well and is no hole too complicated for you? Show it at Midget Golf Course Parkhaven!

Adults € 37,00
Children 4 to 11 years € 27.00

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