Group Outing Rotterdam

Special and unique!

Are you organizing a group outing in Rotterdam for colleagues, family, friends or staff? Then Splashtours is the right location! Splahtours likes to think and organize the perfect group outing.

The Splashtour is easily expandable with numerous packages. Our locations The Boat Bar, Café Ech Wel and the terrace of the Midget Golf Course Parkhaven are perfect for groups! These locations are located near the Splashtours boarding point at the Parkhaven. The prices below do not include the price for the Splashtour.

Group Arrangements

Looking for a fun group outing in Rotterdam?

Shared dining

The chefs at The Boat Bar prepare a variety of dishes that you share together. This is the way to have a cozy dinner with your group. There is plenty to taste!

  • appetizers, such as beef carpaccio, salmon tartare and ciabatta with dips
  • main courses, such as rib fingers, chicken, fish & chips, boeuf bourguignon, gado gado, French fries and salad
  • desserts, such as creme brûlée, passion fruit tart with mango and speculoos cake

  • 2 courses: € 32.50 p.p.

    3 courses: € 39.50 p.p.

    Burger Menu

    A burger at The Boat Bar is always a good idea! The burger menu is perfect for group outings and easy to combine with a Splashtour through Rotterdam.

  • flatbread with dips
  • burger (beef, halal chicken or vegan) with fries and coleslaw
  • dessert from the chef

  • Burger menu: € 25.00 p.p.

    Spareribs menu

    Are you a lover of good spare ribs? Choose the spareribs with fries and coleslaw! There is flatbread with dips for starters and a delicious dessert to finish with.

  • flatbread with dips
  • spareribs with fries and coleslaw
  • dessert from the chef

  • Spareribs menu: € 27.50 p.p.


    Having drinks at The Boat Bar is always enjoyable. The atmosphere creates a relaxed feeling. The appetizers are good and made with care.

  • unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, draft beer and wine
  • hot and cold appetizers

  • Drinks 1 hour: € 17.00 p.p.

    Drinks 2 hours: € 23.50 p.p.

    Lunch Board

    Join your group for a delicious tasting to share together.

  • soup and bread with tapenade
  • carpaccio and serrano ham
  • smoked salmon and kibbeling
  • crispy chicken, yakitori skewer and spring roll
  • goat cheese salad and tuna salad

  • Lunch board: € 19.50 p.p.

    High cocktail

    Enjoy a delicious cocktail tasting together at The Boat Bar. The High cocktail is served in a cocktail tree, totally contemporary. This arrangement is guaranteed to be a success!

  • 2 cocktails of your choice
  • luxury snacks

  • High cocktail: € 34.50 p.p.

    High beer

    The beer tasting is a perfect arrangement for groups of friends. Taste the most delicious Rotterdam beers combined with savory snacks. High Beer is served at The Boat Bar, near the Splashtours pick-up point.

  • 3 Rotterdam special beers
  • drinks board

  • High beer: € 22,50 p.p.

    Unlimited BBQ

    We light the Green Egg on the terrace of the Midget Golf Course. Unlimited barbecue is relaxed enjoyment. There is something for everyone!

  • hamburger, sausage, chicken satay and prawns
  • fries, salads, vegetables and sauces
  • bread with spreads
  • unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, draft beer and wine

  • BBQ incl. drinks: € 46.50 p.p.

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