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Tickets & prices

Splashtours tickets can be purchased easily and quickly online. The online reservation system is secure. Tickets can be paid by Creditcard, Ideal or Paypal. The agenda will instantly present an overview of all available tours. After completing your purchase, your Splashtours tickets will be sent to your email inbox. These digital tickets are your entry permits.


Splashtours offers a city tour in Rotterdam unlike any other. A tour in the unique amphibian bus is an unforgettable experience for young and old. Admire the highlights and Splash into the Maas!

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  • Adults: € 27,50
  • Children 0 to 11 years: € 19,00

Unlimited grill menu & Splashtours

A nice dinner in restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan is the ultimate addition to your daytrip in Rotterdam. Feel free to laugh, sing and cheer, ofcourse with a splendid view over the river ‘De Maas’.

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  • Adults: € 49,50
  • Children 0 to 11 years: € 31,50

Drink & Splashtours

Enjoy a good snack and a drink in Rotterdam, you can also book at Splashtours. The drink is served at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. You drink your drink in Rotterdam right next to the boarding place of Splashtours at the Parkhaven.

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  • Adults: € 33,50
  • Children 0 to 11 years: € 25,50

Coffee and Cake & Splashtours

You enjoy good coffee in Rotterdam that you can also book at Splashtours. At restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan the coffee and cake is served. You drink your coffee in Rotterdam right next to the boarding place of Splashtours to the Parkhaven.

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  • Adults: € 31,25
  • Children 0 to 11 years: € 23,25

Pancake Boat & Splashtours

Would you like to explore the city and the city during a pancakes dinner? Take advantage of the combination ticket pancakes & Splashtours.

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  • Adults: € 45,00
  • Children 3 to 11 years: € 32,00

Lunch & Splashtours

Make your getaway in Rotterdam complete with the combination Lunch & Splashtours at restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan. Here may be laughed, sang and toasted. All this of course with stunning views over the river Maas.

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  • Adults: € 37,50
  • Children 0 to 11 years: € 29,50

Hop-On Hop-Off & Splashtours

Splashtour and a City Sightseeing tour for just € 38,25 p.p.! Book online your ticket, variation guaranteed! City Sightseeing Rotterdam takes you along the impressive market Hall, the cube houses, the imposing new Central Station and the Euromast.

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  • Adults: € 45,00
  • Childeren 4 to 11 years: € 27,50

Lasergame & Splashtours

Anyone who picks up a pack at Lasergame Rotterdam goes crazy in the spectacular arena. It is you and your laser gun against the rest. Whether you're blood fanatic or that you just see the fun in it. Laser tag at Lasergame Rotterdam is fun for everyone. Lasergame Rotterdam is located right next to the boarding point of Splashtours so for this package, you don't have to travel far.

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  • Adults: € 44,00
  • Children 6 to 11 years: € 36,00

Euromast & Splashtours

A day of Rotterdam is not complete without a visit to the Euromast. With Splashtours you can see the city from the land and water. When you reach the top of the mast you view Rotterdam  also from a...

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  • Adults: € 35,75
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 24,25

Escape Room & Splashtours

Feel like excitement and adventure? Escape the hectic at Escaping Rotterdam in The Engine Room. An escape room for thrill seekers and brainiacs. Dismantle the bomb in The Engine Room within 60 minutes.

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  • Splashtours: € 25,50
  • Escape Room: € 99,00

Segway & Splashtours

You will be guided by an experienced guide. He will first give you a practical instruction. You will tour along all highlights of Rotterdam on a remarkable vehicle. No bridge is too high, no quay too long. An unique experience for groups, tourists and for you!

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  • Adults: € 73,00

Spido & Splashtours

Spido is there for you when it comes to cruising through the Rotterdam ports. You can daily board throughout the year for a short but powerful impression of the container ports with the Rotterdam harbour tour of 75 minutes.

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  • Adults: € 39,45
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 25,90

SS Rotterdam & Splashtours

The ss Rotterdam is the largest passenger ship ever built in Netherlands. The steamer has been completely restored and back in her home port of Rotterdam. The ss Rotterdam is the fifth ship of that name, which by the Holland America line was brought into service. Lovers of history and shipping drive up when visiting the steam ship. The ss Rotterdam is located in Katendrecht next to where Splashtours goes to water. With this combination you see the ss Rotterdam so from all sides.

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  • Adults: € 38,00
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 25,00

Miniworld & Splashtours

Do you know Miniworld Rotterdam already? Miniworld Rotterdam is a great attraction for young and old. You get off at Miniworld Rotterdam within in a miniature version of Rotterdam. Everywhere through the city driving trains. There is so much to see. Miniworld Rotterdam is vibrant and in motion. Children watch their eyes out here but also adults do. Not only are the trains on the move but the whole city comes to life with Miniworld Rotterdam and you see the city by day and night.

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  • Adults: € 37,45
  • Children 3 to 11 years: € 25,75

Maritime Museum & Splashtours

maritiem museum - splashtours

The Maritime Museum Rotterdam is the most fun museum of the city. You'll find everything about Maritime Rotterdam. However, it remains not only at a look at the Maritime Museum. You literally get within in a maritime world and experiencing all aspects. Whether you have a soft spot for history, the port or are crazy of boating and ships. The Maritime Museum Rotterdam captivates young and old.

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  • Adults: € 39,50
  • Children 4 to 11 years: € 27,50

Miniature Golf & Splashtours

On a nice day, relax at Midget Golf course Park. The only Mini-golf of Rotterdam you will find the park just next to Splashtours port. Save your battle and combine both attractions on one day. Can you hit a ball well and is no hole too complicated for you ? Show it at Midget Golf course park.

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  • Adults: € 33,00
  • Childeren 3 to 11 years € 25,00

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