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The safety aspect is the common thread in the operation of Splashtours; the safety of Splashtours is a prerequisite for the continuity of the company. The amphibious bus is approved by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate, with certificates from Lloyds and the Road Transport Directorate.

The amphibious bus is equipped with all the necessary safety requirements. The Splashtours crew are trained as emergency responders. This training consists of fire fighting, evacuation, CPR and first aid for accidents. The crew also gets continuous training so that they are always able to keep the passengers safe.

In addition to Splashtours investing so much in safety, there are, of course, numerous requirements and laws to which Splashtours must comply, below are a number of requirements.

  • Requirements for the driver
  • Requirements for the entrepreneur
  • Requirements for the bus
  • Requirements of the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate


People with disabilities

The Splashtours bus is unfortunately not wheelchair friendly. To enter the bus you should be able to trap (with rope handrail) to go with about ten. There is a sailor out there who can help you with this.

Wheelchairs and walking frames can be stored safely on board the Black Swan, right in front of the boarding point of Splashtours, on the Park port 9.

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Cash Free

Payment at our location (restaurant De zwarte Zwaan) is only possible with a debit card or a credit card.

Construction of the Maastunnel

The Maastunnel is closed from north to south until the autum of 2019. Please take into account extra travel time!

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